Easy Bidet Install Help

Here is what it will take to install the bidet seat to give you an idea of what is involved. 

Time: 30 minutes

Difficult: Easy/Moderate for mechanically inclined people

Tools needed
-Measuring tape or ruler
-Phillips screwdriver
-Crescent wrench, pipe wrench, or channel locks
-Thread seal tape(if stated in directions)
-bowl or small bucket
-cleaning towels

1)Turning off water to the toilet
Behind the toilet or nearby will be a water shutoff valve.
Turn the water shutoff knob to the right until tight.
Remove the lid of the tank of the toilet and repeatedly flush the toilet to remove water the tank until empty

2)Removal of the original seat
Locate and remove the two bolts holding on the back of the toilet seat and remove the seat.

3)Clean the funk that you unleashed

4)Installing the bidet seat base and seat portion
Following the instructions, install the mounting base of the bidet seat. Typically there is an expanding bolt that will secure the base of the bidet seat to the toilet. You may find it convenient to lubricate the expanding portion of the bolt if you are having difficulty sliding the bolt into the opening of the toilet bowl hole. Measure the alignment and spacing as recommended in the instructions. Measuring now is critical for the toilet seat to open properly when lifted up. 

5)Disconnecting the water supply and connecting the T joint
Following the hose coming from the shutoff valve to the bottom of the toilet tank. There will be a nut that is connecting the hose to the bottom of the tank. Carefully loosen the nut and use towels and or a small bucket to catch the water that is remaining in the hose and at the bottom of the tank. Completely loosen the nut so the hose is disconnected from the bottom of the tank. Follow the instructions provided with your bidet seat kit being sure to use correct washers and thread seal tape if required. When assembling the T Joint to the bottom of the tank be sure not to over tighten as porcelain will crack under too much stress.

6)Installation of the bidet seat
Typically the bidet seat portion slides on to the base of the bidet seat with a click. Check that the seat makes contact with the toilet bowl in the correct areas and also check that the toilet seat and lid will open and stay upright. 

7)Plug in the bidet seat to the electrical outlet
Your bathroom should have a GFCI outlet. The GFCI outlet has a circuit breaker that protects the house wires and receptacles from overheating, possible fire or electric shock. Plug your toilet seat into the outlet. 

8)Turn on the water
In step 1, we turned off the water, now it is time to turn the water back on. You should check for leaks as the water is filling up the toilet’s tank. If you find any leaks, turn the water off, examine the area of the leak and make the necessary adjustments.

9)Try out the bidet seat
After eating some Grape Nuts and bingeing a few seasons on Netflix, partake in a test run on wyour new bidet. 

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