Bidet Seat FAQ

So you want to want to upgrade your bathroom by installing a bidet seat.

Our FAQ section will help you with your bidet questions.

Q: What is the best bidet seat for my bathroom?

A: The three main requirements to make the bidet seat worth-while is warm water, warm seat and quality. We voted Toto and Kohler as the best bidet seats for your bathroom because of these reasons.

Q: What bidet seat will fit my toilet?

A: First thing to know is that there are two different toilet types.

  1. Elongated toilet bowls, meaning the bowl of the toilet is long in proportion

  2. Round toilet bowls, meaning the bowl is more circular, and the length of the bowl is shorter.

For round bowl applications, see our recommendations here.

Q: Why does the toilet bowl shape matter? I’m just going to put the bidet seat on top of the toilet bowl anyways!

A: Underneath the plastic seat of the bidet, there are little pads that come in contact with the porcelain of the toilet bowl. When you sit on top of the seat, you body weight is resting on those pads. If you try to install an elongated bidet seat on a round toilet, the pads under the seat will not make contact with the toilet bowl, and the bidet seat is likely to break or become loose. 


Q: Is the water spraying from the bidet nozzle cold?

A: No, I have only recommended warm spraying bidets on my website.

Q: How difficult is the bidet seat to install?

A: The level of difficulty of installation is easy if you can read and follow the instructions and have experience with common hand tools. 


Q: How do I install a bidet seat?

A: The instructions will vary based on different models. Before you buy your bidet seat, take a look at our generic instructions for reference can be found here. 

Q: Can I expect to use more or less toilet paper with a bidet seat?

A: The benefit of the bidet seat is that you are washing yourself with water. No longer do you need to use toilet paper to wipe away the funk. You can expect to use less toilet paper as you are going to be using the paper for mainly drying yourself.


Q: What sort of maintenance does the bidet seat require? 

A: Periodical cleaning of the bidet spray nozzle and tightening of the mounting hardware can be expected. Most bidets have a water filter and an air filter that should be also cleaned periodically. Refer to your instructions for more information.


Q: Can children use the bidet toilet?

A: Absolutely, it’ll help remove the funk from the kids. Similar to a regular toilet seat, make sure the kids are big enough so they don’t fall through the seat!


Q: Will the bidet seat cause my toilet to clog?

A: No, toilet clogging is typically an object clogging the pathway of the items to be flushed. With good practice, the bidet should allow less paper to be flushed and clog the toilet as the sprayer is removing the funk from your butt!


Q:Will the bidet cause my toilet to flush with weak pressure? 

A: No, toilet flushing pressure is related to the components in the toilet tank, independent to the bidet assembly. 


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