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Cold seat needs heat this winter

Stuff away Mom's knit Santa toilet seat cover, have away with the Ho Ho Ho bath mat and hide the reindeer hand towels.. This Christmas, keep the decorations out of the bathroom and welcome in the holidays with this idea to warm your spirit. How about toilet seat warmers and warm water bidet to keep the holidays going? It's a lot better than getting a pair of gloves.

Take a look at the bidet reviews from Brondell with the S900 & S1000. BioBidet and their BB-800 and BB-1700 will also keep the bum warm on these cold days. If you've been a good boy or girl this year, Toto will be a little more expensive BUT Toto is the STANDARD just as hot chocolate should be made with MILK and not hot water. If you're lactose, then you better have a washlet. Sorry not sorry. The Toto line-up that we review all have heated seats so have a look at the C100 , C200 , A100 and A200.

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