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Budget Bum Black Friday and Holiday Ideas

Here's our list of bidet's broken down by budget for the common people who we may come across.

1. Low end budget - The practical gift for the student with no money to pay the electricity or the hipster who chooses to live by oil lanterns is the Alpha One by Alpha Bidets as it is a mechanical bidet seat that requires no electricity.

2. Mid budget - You would think twice about getting your crush a size shirt too small, but go with the gift that fits all. The Brondell S300 won't have you second guessing with it's bidet seat warmer and easy installation.

3. High end budget - Some of the world's best thinking and creations have been done on the toilet. Leave an impression with the gift that is sure to bring you in mind next time they're on the throne. Toto is the Rolex of bidet seats. Tried and tested in Japan for decades, this brand is not new to the industry and resembles great quality and durability. The Toto A200 will keep you on someones Nice list for a long time.

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