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Bathroom Material - Shannon Cason Homemade Stories

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Bidet users, let me drop some gold for your ears.

Although I've been an iPhone user since 2009, I haven't made my way over to listening to any podcasts since 2019. So on a personal level, I want to share with you all a person who you've been listening to recently. Shannon Cason and his podcast of Homemade Stories are a riot. Shannon is super easy to listen to, his stories are a mix of past experiences and his own original writings. How I came to know about his stories is through a podcast called Snap Judgement, which is another story telling podcast. Shannon was a guest on their show where he told his story "The Struggle is Real." After hearing about his story, I have to know more so when the Snap Judgement host Glen Washington plugged Shannon's podcast, I found myself with over 100 podcasts so I chose his very first couple of episodes to listen to. It was gritty, homemade, and had a ton of character. It wasn't over polished and it had a good feeling to it. Story #2 had me laughing out loud in my car and I knew I had to hear more. Give this guy a chance. He's a real dude and you'll be pleased.