• the bidet review

Warm Toilet Seat Ghost

Alright, we've all been there.

You've got to drop a bomb and the bathroom is crowded, but the line is moving and people are rotating out the stalls. Now your up at the front of the line, waiting to get access to unleash your fury, and you approach the recently vacated stall and after giving the lid a quick wipe for your bullshit sanitary hope to cleaning something with a toilet paper, you find butt in contact with a warm seat.

No matter how bad you gotta drop, your butt temperature sensor overrides all other activity and sends that message top priority to your head.

'Aw hell no, that's a warm seat! Nasty!'


'Oh, now I'm awake cause that's a cold seat'

Now image in the confines of your own house. In the middle of the night and you've got to sit down to do your business and you no longer have to get the rude awakening of a cold toilet seat because you've got the bidet seat to welcome your ass to a warm embrace.

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