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Toilet injuries

Yesterday was leg day at the gym. Walking barbell lunges for warm up preceding about 4 other exercises. The legs were smoked. 

The toilet at my office is a standard white commercial use one with no frills. I specifically go to a vacant floor because It gets the least mount of foot traffic and it’s always clean. 

I know nobody’s used the toilet seat cause the dude who cleans the place always leaves the cleaning solution to sit in the toilet bowl. For being a public toilet, it’s pretty damn good.  

As I get ready to do business and get into the stance to sit and already in a slight agony from the previous day’s workout, there’s that expectation of a jolt when the skin meets the cold seat. Contact was made.  Instantly, my lower back cramped all the way up to my neck and I stayed motionless until the pain eased away. 

Leg day might not get ya but the cold toilet seat will.